Dates for diary 2016-17

6 th January: Behaviour and attendance reward trip

11 th January: Year 7 trip Bletchley Park

14 th – 21 st January: Ski trip

25 th – 27 th January: Year 7 residential trip

2 nd February: Building Birmingham Scholarships Engagement Program presentation to year 11

2 nd February: NCS presentation to year 11

2 nd February: Open afternoon for year 7 transition pupils

7 th February: National E-Safety Day all pupils

8 th February: South Network Training afternoon. School closed to pupils at 12pm

15 th February: Tapestry play for year 7 - 10

17 th February: Last day of term

27 th February: Pupils return to school

7th March: Year 9 and 10 careers morning

10 th March: Attendance and behaviour reward trip

15 th – 17 th March: Year 9 residential trip

17 th March: Year 11 trip to Bournville College

24 th, 27 th & 28 th March: Teacher training days, school closed to pupils.

29 th – 31 st March: Year 8 residential trip

7 th April: Progress day

7 th April: Last day of term

24 th April: Pupils return to school


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from all of the staff at lindsworth School

We would like to say THANK YOU to all the staff involved in making our reception a wonderful christmas welcome


Ofsted’s Annual Report 2015/16 highlights effective leaders

Ofsted’s Annual Report 2015/16 highlights effective leaders

Determined leaders recognised by inspectors

We are very pleased and proud to announce that Janet Collins has been recognised by OFSTED as an effective leader

Exciting few weeks

We have had an exceedingly busy and exciting two weeks. The 14 th November saw the start of National Anti-Bullying Week and we had a packed program of activities for the pupils to participate in to raise further awareness around anti-bullying. Each pupil has signed a “No Bullying” charter to show their commitment in making our school a bully free zone. During the week pupils wrote poems/stories, designed masks and shirts around the theme “Power for Good”. As a school we relaunched the SHARP system which is an online reporting tool for pupils to raise concerns regarding bullying. This can be found on our school website under the heading “Safeguarding” or by clicking on the following link ; please have a look and discuss this with your child.

During the week year 9, 10 and 11 pupils visited the Skills Show exhibition at the NEC. The pupils’ behaviour was exemplary and they sought out a variety of different careers information which will help them with their future decisions.

On Friday 18 th November we supported Children in Need with a “Crazy Hair Day” and a cake sale. Through everyone’s fantastic support we raised a massive £159.35 and had plenty of staff and pupils walking round with a variety of different coloured hair! Thank you to all who supported the event.

Last week we had our three day residential Ofsted inspection. We will inform parents and pupils of the outcome when it is available to be shared.

We finished the week with a football match on Friday 25 th November against ContinuPlus Academy. This was our second game of the season and against a side new to the league. This time the opposition were all year 9 and above. Our team was selected from a number of year 10 boys who have been regularly attending school team training.

Captain Bradley Moraghan picked the starting line-up and opted to kick off after winning the coin toss with the opposition choosing to stick ends. The first half started with lots of energy and intensity from the Lindsworth team and the first goal was scored within the first couple of minutes by striker Kian Swingler. This helped settle the nerves slightly against the new opposition, however, a number of boys from both teams were clearly still very excited with some shirt tugging, wild challenges and attempts on goal going far and wide.

By half time the score was 5 – 2 with a hat-trick from Kian following some great individual play and a couple of beautiful assists from Bradley and Gavin. Jaimique aimed to secure his place in future starting line-ups by scoring two great goals before the break.

The second half began with a goal from the keeper Numan Rauf; a huge goal kick into a big bounce over the opposition keeper and into the roof of the goal. All this whilst doing a sterling job of preventing the opposition from scoring!

Standout performances came in the form of teacher’s Man of the Match Tyrelle Lawrence who was the most consistent player of the game. He held the central defensive position for most of the game before being retired by staff to allow other boys some game time. His impact until that point was spectacular and he allowed other boys to play some fantastic football. The team secured an emphatic victory of 11 – 4.

Residential OFSTED inspection

We are pleased to welcome our residential OFSTED inspectors today.

The inspection will last 3 days.


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