Sports hall Athletics @ Bishop Challenor Catholic Sports College

Sports hall Athletics @ Bishop Challenor Catholic Sports College

As part of our continuing link with Baverstock School Sports Partnership, 7 of our lower school boys were selected to represent the school in a Sportshall Athletics event hosted at Bishop Challoner Catholic Sports College.

The pupils competed against six main stream schools in the Baverstock borough including, Wheelers lane, Kings Norton Boys and Bishop Challoner. The boys’ behaviour was excellent and continued to meet our high expectations of behaviour offsite. They all did their bit to uphold our current offsite behaviour record and help develop our reputation with other local schools. 

The pupils were allocated two track events and one field event and each needed to perform to the best of their ability to be successful. Reuben Johnson Simms, Miles Kelly, Jaimique Malone Meade, Dalarno Clarke, Tyrelle Lawrence, Blake May and Rashuan Blake were the pupils involved and each of the boys did themselves and the school very proud. Many of the boys in year 7 competed against boys in Year 8 so their achievement is even more exceptional and impressive. The "stand out" performance of the night was the 4 x 2 lap relay race, which was highly contested by all schools and unfortunately Lindsworth only just missed out on a podium spot.

The boys were a little apprehensive to get involved in a warm up with other schools in such a large venue. However with encouragement from a few key members the group got involved in warming up with the other schools. As soon as the competition began the boys were ready to start competing and by the end of the event the pupils had given their all so eagerly listened to hear the final standings. They were extremely pleased to hear that they finished 3rd  in their area but just missed out on securing a place in the national finals?????

The boys were a credit to the school and all staff involved are extremely proud of their achievements. Well done to all the boys, and hopefully this success can be accredited to continued involvement in future events and potential achievements.






Multi-sports event with Shenstone Lodge – The Brades at the Ryland Centre

multi sports

As part of our growing link with The Brades, twelve of our boys were selected to be involved in a multisport event hosted at a large sports hall @ The Ryland Centre, Bromsgrove.

After a short minibus journey the pupils arrived excited and in high spirits to the centre which would host the event. The pupils were split into even ability groups and paired with even ability counterparts from the Brades to result in four mixed-school teams. The pupils competed alongside and against peers from both schools in Football, Uni-hock, Handball, Dodgeball and Basketball. All the events suited different teams with a number of standout performances from each pupil in at least one of the games.

The boys were initially disapproving of mixing the sides when it was first suggested, but true to form they got over that very quickly when the competition kicked in. The will to win overcame that of not wanting to mix and they competed for just shy of four hours without one argument or disagreement. The dodgeball event was the only one the pupils competed school vs. school, which causing that much of a storm it set the fire alarms off. The boys responded well to the false alarm and after being given the all clear went back into the venue to finish the day with a highly contested basketball match. At the end of the event pupils from Lindsworth admitted it was a good idea to mix the teams and saw the value of competing in mixed teams to socialise with others.

The Lindsworth boys and the Brades pupils were a credit to their establishments and all the staff involved are extremely proud of their achievement. Well done to all involved, a fantastic success and we look forward to another event of a similar nature in the New Year.


Top Raffle Prizes

Lindswort Raffle

Behaviour Watch ( ) kindly donated a Kindle Fire HD tablet


VIBE ( ) have kindly donated a set of Vamps headphones and a Vibe bluetooth speaker.

The pupils have been competing for raffle tickets for the last few weeks and prizes will be drawn on Friday 19th December.




Lindsworth School is a Birmingham City Council residential special school with 83 statemented pupils on roll (September2015) with a capacity for 120 pupils. There are up to 12 places in our residence unit. The population of Lindsworth School reflects the social, ethnic and religious diversity of Birmingham and includes a small number of children from neighbouring authorities. 


The school caters for children with complex special educational needs, including  Social, Emotional and Mental Health difficulties, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Attachment Disorder and Autistic Spectrum Conditions, which impact on their Social, Emotional and Behavioural responses.

At Lindsworth School we only take children on roll who have a Statement of Special Needs.  Pupils can join us from Secondary Transfer onwards up to Year 10. 

Lindsworth School is notified of children through a referral from SENAR.  A decision as to whether Lindsworth School can meet a child’s needs will be made through an evaluation of the information received by the school from SENAR based on the following:

      ·    the placement is appropriate to the child’s needs

      ·    their admission is compatible with the interests of other children at the school

      ·    and there is an efficient use of the LA’s resources.

Lindsworth School will collate information from the referral from received from SENAR, a visit to their current school and home visits to ascertain whether we believe that our school can meet the individual needs of that child.

Lindsworth is not able to offer places to children unless they have been referred through SENAR.  As soon as Lindsworth School agree that they are able to meet the child’s needs, parents/carers are invited to attend an informal meeting that will have been pre-arranged with the Admissions Coordinator.  Pupils who join us on Secondary Transfer will have two ‘taster’ days organised in July when new year seven children come into school and initial baseline testing and a general introduction to the school takes place. 

Admission to Lindsworth School takes place throughout the academic year. All in year transfers will have a bespoke induction package created which is specific to each of the pupil’s  individual needs.

Places will be offered if there is a vacancy at the school and the school can meet the child’s educational needs.

If you would like any further information before your child starts at Lindsworth please contact Jenny Francis on 0121 693 5363 .


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