Year 9 and 10 attendance reward trip

Year 9 and 10 attendance reward trip

On Wednesday 17th June we took 10 boys from year 9 and year 10 quad biking and rifle shooting/archery as a reward for achieving an attendance of 90% or above in the first half of the Summer term.

Upon our arrival we were taken into the equipment area and given camouflage jump suits to get us ready for all the activities ahead. The boys were kitted up and looked excellent.

We were divided into two groups, and spent the morning between two activities; quad biking and rifle shooting. Group one had quad biking first. We were given our helmets and leather gloves and an opportunity to practice before our ride. All the boys handled the quad bikes like professionals. We were then taken into the woods on a trail that had deep puddles and ramps. I followed and watched as they adhered to all the rules and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

After this we were taken to the range and shown the high power air rifles we were going to be using. We started with the 15m range and then moved on to the 20m range. The boys got the hang of using the scope and shot perfectly. It was a lot different to their game consoles and they had lots of fun. The second group then joined us and we were given an opportunity to try archery. The pupils showed some great skills, and some excellent shots were made by a couple of the pupils. After the range we went out into the 'wild' and used the bow and arrow to try and hunt life-size animal figurines. We had pupils shooting bears and deer, looking like they were on a hunting expedition and had been doing it for years. 

At the end of our activities, which the pupils had worked hard on, we were given pizza. Whilst having a well-deserved rest and eating, the boys sat and talked about how good the day was. A great experience and a successful day for everyone involved.