OFTED 2016 Report

We are very proud and pleased to announce the results of our 2016 OFSTED inspection.

"We are a GOOD School" [ Inspection report ]

Quotes :

"The headteacher, leaders, staff and governors have worked exceptionally hard and effectively to transform this school. It is now a calm, positive community where the daily focus is on learning and success."

"The school places great importance on keeping pupils safe and teaching them how to keep themselves safe. The staff’s knowledge of safeguarding is very good."

"Teachers pay careful attention to pupils’ individual needs. They plan in detail to ensure that learning is truly personalised. Where pupils need extra help with key aspects such as reading, they receive a tailored programme that helps them to improve their skills."

"Expectations of pupils are high and they respond well. One pupil summed up the rules simply as ‘no messing around allowed’."